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Caravan Seminar 2005

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Dear friends, dear Caravan Network activists, and politically allied groups, associations and organizations!

With this letter we cordially invite you to participate in the Caravan Seminar from December 14th to 18th in Wuppertal(Information below). As a result of the nationwide Caravan Meeting at the beginning of 2005, it was agreed that a intensive meeting with all Caravan groups, associated groups, and politically closely connected groups, that share the political principles and view of the Caravan, should be organized. By this, we hope to continue and improve the coordination of our work on a nation-wide level. Since then, several coordination meetings have taken place to plan this event. One last meeting will take place on the first weekend of December in Wuppertal.

The goals of the Seminar are to strengthen the Network (contentwise and practically), to promote self-organization, to improve our structures and level of organization, to deepen our political understanding together, to strengthen our connections to the struggles in countries of origin and to exile groups. In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to do the following (before and during the seminar): analysis of the political situation (international and national), evaluation and reflection of the past work and experiences, improvement of the Caravan’s political platform (Position Paper, Positionspapier), development of a possible common plan of action and work for 2006.

The first three days are divided thematically:

Day 1: Analysis of German domestic and foreign policy (a) economic and social situation,b) institutional racism, c) Germany as an imperialist power and central EU political actor).
Day 2: Exchange of experiences and evaluation of resistance (Resistance: a) against the living conditions forced on migrants and refugees, b) against deportation, and c) the forms and methods of resistance).
Day 3: Internationalism - understanding and meaning of international solidarity.

The first three days will begin with introductory presentations. Discussions will then continue in working groups. Finally, the results of the working groups will be presented and gathered in a general assembly.
In addition, there are discussion papers on some topics, which are currently being translated into various languages. Those already finished can be downloaded at the end of this page.

Day 4: serves to summarize the results of our meeting, to improve the political platform of the Caravan, and to agree on a possible plan of action and work for 2006.

The ever stronger and more comprehensive attacks on refugees and migrants on all political (governmental / state) and social levels require more effort, better coordination, larger mobilizations, and clear aims from all of us. The evaluation of our past practice and resistance experiences is therefore of great importance. In light of the intensified conditions under the new laws and the current political-economic situation, we plan to have comprehensive exchange of experiences and an intensive discussion about resistance methods.

We, therefore, ask all participating groups to prepare for this point in particular and prepare their positions / discussions on this issue prior to the seminar.

The following questions can be used to help evaluate past practice and resistance methods:

1. Against what / for what (concretely) was resistance carried out?
2. What demands were made?
3. What was the level of participation ?
4. Which methods were used?
5. How long did the struggle last?
6. Which problems arose?
7. What were the reactions of other groups (inside and outside of the Caravan)? What support was given?
8. What were the results?
9. What fraction of work was spent on the legal level on the political level?
10. Which conclusions and perspectives regarding forms of resistance and nation-wide coordination can be derived from our experiences?

To achieve a comprehensive analysis, evaluation of the resistance experiences, and a common understanding of cooperation and solidarity, and to draw from them and define a work and action plan for 2006, participation during the whole seminar is beneficial. For further information, preparation work, and interest in participating please contact the following groups:

Caravan Hamburg: 040-43 18 90 37 or 0174-150 84 57
Caravan Wuppertal: 0202-49609697 or 0175-74 11 895
Caravan Bremen: 0421-79 01 309
Or via fax: 040- 43 18 90 38 (Hamburg) , 0891-48 82 96 058 (Wuppertal)
Or via e-mail: wuppkarawane at or free2move at

Best wishes
Coordination Committee of the Caravan Network

Arrival: Wednesday, December 14, 2005, between 18:00 and 20:00
followed by dinner and presentation of the seminar program and organizational matters
Departure: Sunday, December 18, 2005 from 14:00
Location: AZ Wuppertal, Markomannenstr. 3, 42105 WuppertalRegistration:

Please let us know if you and/or your group (number of people) plan to attend.
Please register before December 2nd.
Please bring sleeping bags and iso-mats for sleeping.
Further participation in organizing the seminar is welcome.
Volunteers are wanted for translation, moderation, guarding and for the kitchen.

Discussions papers

1) EU-Sammelabschiebungen deutsch, english, francais, türkce

2) Zuwanderungsgesetz deutsch, english

3) Exilpolitische Betätigung deutsch, english

4) Kettenduldungen deutsch, english

5) HARTZ IV deutsch, english

6) Residenzpflicht - Erfahrungen & Perspektive deutsch, english

7) Staatliche Repression von AktivistInnen deutsch

8) Illigitimate Legality english deutsch

9) Deutschlands Rolle in der Welt und beim Aufbau der Festung Europa deutsch , francais