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Racist murder of Eritrean Refugee in Dresden

on 15th of January at 9am there will be a demonstratoion in Berlin.
Location: Brüderstraße 11, 10178 Berlin (Vertretung des Freistaates Sachsen beim Bund)

First Racist Attack of Eritrean Refugee in Germany - Dresden 2015

Khaled Idris Bahray, a 20 year old refugee from Eritrea was found covered in blood early this morning (13 January 2015) directly in front of his Dresden housing. Dead.

Yesterday (12 January) Khaled Idris left his Dresden inner city housing around 8pm to quickly buy groceries. He left his mobile phone at home and never returned. Because his roommates rarely leave the apartment on Mondays due to the growing Pegida demonstrations, they don’t know exactly when the young refugee was killed.
Friends and roommates believe he was the victim of a violent attack as he was found covered in blood, with multiple contusions. They are in shock and fear the same fate.

Prior to the killing, the residents of the refugee home had been receiving threats and insults regularly. On Mondays, they are afraid to leave home due to aggressors from the Pegida demonstrations kicking at their doors and cursing at residents.