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Syrian Kurdish Student got shot in Leipzig

We, the Union of Kurdish students in Syria and Germany (UKSSD), condemn the cowardly assault on our friend and comrade. In the eastern part of Leipzig (Reudnitz), a Syrian-Kurdish student was shot with an unknown weapon between 10:30 and 11 pm.

The Student was alone on the way to his home, when he encountered three to four persons at Dresdner Straße, that were talking in German. Without any reason, one of the men took an item
from his jacket pocket and shot from a distance of two meters on the victim. He can neither identify the weapon, nor the sound and specify that he lost conscience. The student regained conscience at Torgauer Platz, but without any memory how he had reached the place. Shortly afterwards, he got to the Intensive care unit of the University hospital of Leipzig. According to doctors' estimates, there is a small bullet on the right side of his neck, but is in critical condition. Whether the deed has a racist background is not clear so far. We do not exclude such a background. We, the UKSSD demand the investigating authorities to check this probable motive.

To emphasize this demand and to stand in solidarity side by side with our friend, we organize a
demonstration on Tuesday at Augustusplatz in Leipzig centre. All people, who want to show their
solidarity with refugees and to rise their voice against racism, are wholeheartedly invited to this demonstration. Furthermore, we kindly ask witnesses to contact police as soon as possible.

When you have questions please contact:

Mobile: 0151 19613870


Leipzig, 12.04.2015