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Lutherstadt Wittenberg: Refugees Say No to the Abusive Practice of the Employee of the Foreign Office.

The employee of the Foreign Office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg trickily abuses legal right of refugees. The Foreign Office subjugate refugees to sign document or "Duldung" already prepared without the consent of the refugees.

In this document or "Duldung" it states that the refugee's identity is unknown, not declared, gainful employment not permitted, and that the the personal information of the refugee is based on his or her own statements. This practices is not in accordance to the German Administrative Law and Constitution. It reflects the wish of the employee to destroy systematically the perspective of refugees knowing that they will decide what is good and what is bad for refugees.

Although, the concerned refugees have previously and officially declared their identity as they arrived in Germany and submitted their official documents to the responsible authority. This practice clearly violates the legal right of the refugees and exposes refugees to danger and humiliation following the allegation.

This practice has been going on for so many years and they use it as a pretext to abuse and deny refugees their fundamental legal rights. We have numerous cases in Lutherstadt Wittenberg that we would make public latter if this abusive practice does not stop.

Basing on this fact, we strongly condemn this practices and demand an end to it. The use of German Asylum and Foreign Law as a pretext to exercise discrimination and racism against refugees should stop.

Therefore, we call on all to take note on the inhuman practices that has been going on for so many years in Lutherstadt Wittenberg..

Protect all refugees! Equal treatment to all refugees!