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Let`s get loud against racism, discrimination and sexism!

Statement by Women in Exile 22nd of January 2016
Stop justifying discrimnination and rascism in our name! The incident that took place on new year`s eve in Köln is unacceptable to all women, regardless of their colour, religion or origin. The Köln incident should not be treated or populised like the only case that happened in this so called civilised society. There are many kinds of violence against women, all over the world men are perpetrators, german men act like this too.

For a long time we tried to bring the topic of sexual and physical viollence against refugee women in the Lagers into the open. We have been campaining that refugee women and children should be given the possibility of being accommodated in the flats. All lagers should be abolished. We give enough reasons for our demand, such lack of privacy, sexual violence and harrassment. Refugge women face sexual harrassment and racism every day, inside and outside the lagers. Not only from men who happen to be refugee, but also from German men – inside and outside the Lager. So far our demands and actions on this issue have not been given much publicity or attention. But now you hear about theKöln incident everywhere – be it in the news or strangers discussing it on the train. Refugee women are „women“ living in this society and their predicaments should be addressed in this contents! The violence agains refugee women must not be taken out of context to justify discrimination and rascism in the society. There should be no separation between Refugee women and German women at this point!

We have never at any time suggested that this is a cultural problem of this or that particular group of people. It is a fact that sexual violence against women does not exclude any nationality or class. The way this incidence is being populised one does not need eye glasses to see that it is not about women violence but about criminalisation of refugees and deportations.
The Köln case should not be isolated and used as an excuse to deport refugees. We cannot talk of welcoming, integration and at the same time practise discrimination by separating the „good“ and the „bad“, the one to stay and the one to be forced to go.

Stop using violence against women as an excuse to deport refugees because a racist section of the society is pressuresing and enganging in popularance politics. We need solidarity among us. Let’s buy a one way ticket to the moon for all the men who violate women and see how many will be left behind.

We demand a clear policy on how to protect refugee women from sexual violence, sexual harrassment and physical violence. A policy which make the women feel safe without considering what status they hold in the society.

Those violating women, the perpetrators, should be answerable for their criminal actions without discriminating them because of their origin,nationality, religion or colour of their skin colour.

That`s why we have been demanding for more than 10 years and still demanding:

No Lager for Women!
Abolish all Lagers!!