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Residenzpflicht - Film and Discussion in Wuppertal

Sunday, February 14, 2016 - 14:00 to 17:00

Residenzpflicht - Film and Discussion in Wuppertal
CARAVAN for the rights of refugees and migrants
Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 15:00

Marienstraße 52 in Wuppertal

International Café
Residenzpflicht - Film and discussion

Due to the increasing numbers of wars and armed conflicts imposed on our countries the numbers of refugees coming to Germany is increasing since 2014. Many of our sisters and brothers arriving here have seen a welcome culture with a lot of helping organizations. But nothing has changed much regarding the asylum process itself. The deportation culture gets stronger and manifests itself in the increasing numbers of deportations. At the same time the violence against refugees and the racism is intensified. In this situation the German government is changing the relevant laws and regulations and drastically worsening the legal situations and accordingly the living conditions for refugees. In this atmosphere the government aims to expand the apartheid law of Residenzpflicht even to refugees with asylum right.

During our monthly international Café we want to watch the film Residenzpflicht that documents the struggle of refugees against a law that divides people and restricts their basic rights of freedom of movement. It shows the continuity of the colonial structure, how this law has been designed to isolate refugees, discriminate them, and finally prepare them for deportations. It documents the determination of refugee activists that have organized themselves and fight the law by the simplest form of resistance: the civil disobedience.

After the film the time and space is free in our location for discussion and exchange about the current situation and what can be done to strengthen our communities in our area.

The language of the film is english and german. Depending on the composition of the participants subtitles are accrodingly chosen.


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