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We have to fight together for the respect of human dignity!!!

International Campaign for the struggle against the dictatorship in Togo and other African countries

The Violation of asylum and migration rights, as well as the system and the practice of deportation exercised by the European countries are contradictory to democracy. The racist deportation policy is a back up and an encouragement for the dictators in Africa and other parts of the world.

We as fighters against dictatorship, neocolonialism and imperialism restate that the universal declaration of human rights may not remain an illusion.

We are here because we are victims of slavery and slave trade. We are here because you colonized us. We are here because you are participating in questioning again our independence we achieved in years of arcrimonious struggles against the colonial powers.

We are here because colonialism and imperialism are destroying our African continent. The universal declaration of human rights may not remain an illusion. We have to fight together for the respect of human dignity.

In this regard we demand an immediate end to military aid and arms trade like it is happening in Sierra Leone, Angola, Burundi, Ruanda, Congo, Ivory Coast, etc.. We demand: No support for the sanguinary dictatorships like in Togo, Cameroon and other countries.

Presently the conutries who participated in the Berlin Conference in 1884 are exporting military equipment for more than 3 Billion Dollar every year to Africa.

It is a widely held belief that the wars in Africa are led by the African governments or by the rebel groups. But the European countries are directly involved and are benefiting from this. The wars in Angola, in Congo, in Sierra Leone, in Ivory Coast as well as the dictatorships in Togo and in Cameroon are some examples. Millions of people are dispersed, many are killed, mutilated or injured. All this is caused by the greed of the European companies for the natural resources like diamonds, gold, petroleum, etc.. They are exploiting the soil partly by sponsoring of armed groups and under the conditions of slavery.

We are here because you are collaborating with the dictatorial regimes in order to hinder any process of democratization in Africa.

We are here in the name of art. 3 of the universal declaration of human rights which declares: „Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.“

We require from all signers of the Berlin Conference to take political responsibility for the consequences of their colonial and neocolonial policy. We demand the public recognition of their obligation for compensation by free entree to Europe and the legalization of all Africans residing in Europe. It is hardly possible to measure the wealth transfer coming from slavery, forced labour and exploitation of natural ressources. Europe has achieved its wealthiness through colonial exploitation and continues plundering our continent. In a certain way the Africans are the owners of this wealthiness. Therefore it is obvious that Africans must have the right for a free and untroubled stay in Europe. In this sense the legalization of all Africans living in Europe is the first step.

Speech by Togolese activists during the protest march in the context of the international day for human rights 10th of december 2005 in Hamburg