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Refugee Rally against the G20 World Order

Friday 07th of July2017, at 5pm in front of the Bremen Railway Station
Leaflets inFarsi, English, Arabic and German
(on Saturday 08th of July we will meet at 09.15am in the railway station to travel together and join the big march against the G20 in Hamburg. We will share Niedersachsen tickets)

The German Government claims to hold the G20 summit in order to solve the problems of the world. So a number of dictators, an absolute ruling islamist King, a president empowered by drug mafia, another by a coup d'etat and finally the outrageous Donald Trump are seen as a part of the solution of the worlds problems. And to the German government, of course, the problem with refugees is to be solved. Their main problem is, that we are still alive and even worse, that we are here! And while we are here, we want to remind them of the fact that:

We are here because you destroy our countries!

But they will not meet in Hamburg to stop destroying our countries. Just the opposite, they are meeting to divide the planet like a cake among themselves and plot the next proxy wars. They want to boost their arms industries and an increasing number of people in Africa, Asia the Middle East and in Latin America will be either killed or forced to become refugees.

As a consequence of their own politics the European leaders are dedicated to a war on refugees. In this war the FRONTEX mission is out to let an increasing number of refugees drown in the sea or to get killed otherwise on their way. EU’s sleazy deal with Turkey is hailed as a solution to the refugee crisis, with human beings used as bartering chips while a humanitarian disaster is ongoing.

And within this country the war is wrought upon us by the increasing numbers of deportations and a massive propaganda reinforcing xenophobia among the population against refugees.

They may fool enough of their citizens with empty platitudes and lies to win the next elections, but they won’t fool us.

We demand a new order of solidarity in our struggles! „We are here because you destroy our countries“
Join us, your struggles are all in our fight for justice
We demand an unconditional right to residence and safety!!!
Stop the Dublin deportation Regulation
We are here and we will fight and we are here because you destroy our countries.
Stop all deportation

We call on all well-meaning individuals to join the refugees in our struggle for human dignity and security, and show solidarity.

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