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Series of mass graves discovered

Soldiers uncover the mass grave in Kulp

DIYARBAKIR (DIHA 24.09.2005) – A weekly Kurdish newspaper Azadiya Welat,
released news saying there is a mass grave of 9 guerrillas in Kulp. Soldiers
uncovered the graves and took the bones, said the locals.

Investigations at first

A shepherd stated that the soldiers came to the spot and did investigations
around the grave. This news was published by the weekly Azadiya Welat two
days ago . The Shepherd said hundreds of soldiers came to the site and took
the bones to Kulp.

The shepherd said there were intensive security precautions around the
grave; they could only follow the event from a far. He said the soldiers are
still there.

Made public by Azadiya Welat

The news in question had been made public the previous week by the Azadiya
Welat newspaper. According to the news, the corpses of 9 PKK guerrillas
killed by TSK soldiers in 1998 during a clash were buried in a mass grave.
The news was based on the statements of a witness of the event and the names
of the 6 guerrillas were revealed.

Mass grave is found in Mardin

MARDIN (DIHA 27.11.2005)- Ýn the district of Savur in Mardin a mass grave of
guerillas of PKK had been found. Ýt was stated that the bodies were thrown
on top of each other and the grave was covered only by stones.

After the board of lawyers applied to Savur public prosecutor, the location
of the incident was identified and some pieces of bones were taken as legal
evidence and for medical examination.

After application by boards of lawyers, mass graves were found in the Savur
district of Mardin. After the examination by lawyers, a mass grave had been
found with the bodies thrown on top of each other. It was revealed that the
bodies were thrown into a lime pit, and the hole was covered only by stones.
Clothing belonging to the dead was also found in the hole. Ýt was said
that the bodies belong to the 9 gueriallas killed in the clash which was
occured in May 1995.After the application, the public prosecutor had gone to
the place of the event. It was observed that many soldiers had taken great
measures in order to preserve the scene. Some of the pieces of bone had
been taken by the public prosecutor for identification.

The confession of commander: The corpse of persons from PKK are laid side

DIYARBAKIR (DIHA HIKMET ERDEN 22.12.2005) -At the district of Savur in
Mardin in the Dere içi Region It became definite that the mass grave that
had been found was that of PKK guerrillas.

The commander of Dereici gendarme station petty officer T.K. has answered
official's question of Savur public prosecutor. He said that the corpses of
7 guerillas who had died in the clash on 21 June 1995 had been buried in
this manner as a result of hot weather.

The coordinator of bar of lawyers of prisons, Muharrem Sahin said that the
declaration of T.K. has shed light on the mass graves in Tatvan and Kulp.

After the application to the project of bar of lawyers of Diyarbakir as
justice for everyone. Mass graves have been found between the Savur district
of Mardin and district of Midyat in Dereiçi region. It was revealed that the
graves were covered with stones. An investigation by the DPP in Sayur
revealed that the mass graves were certainly those of PKK guerrillas. An
exchange of letters between public prosecutor and the commandership of
Gendarme of Savur revealed that on 21 June 1995 a clash had taken place
between the Turkish Armed forces and PKK guerrillas. As a result of this
clash 7 guerrillas had lost their lives. Three people had been captured
alive. Two days after the clash the bodies of two female guerrillas were
found burned.

' The Guerrillas had been buried jointly'

According to statements gathered from witnesses by rangers and commander of
Dereiçi Gendarme Station. It was discovered that the bodies of guerrillas
were buried in a lime pit.

It was revealed that a clash had occurred and seven members of PKK had died
during the clash. T.K. stated that the bodies had been brought to gendarme
Station. He said that they had asked the village headman of Süryanis for
permission to bury the bodies in the village graveyard; however, this
request was rejected. T.K. has confessed that they had buried the corpses
in a hole about 1 kilometre from where the clash had occurred.

'We put on some soil over the corpses'

The ranger of the time V.Y has said the event in June 21 as:

'I had attended the burial of the corpses. It was getting dark and a big
hole had been opened quickly for security reasons. Stones were laid by them.
After putting some soil on the corpses we put stones over corpses so that
the grave would not be disturbed again.

‘The identities of guerillas'

The names of the 6 guerrillas and 1 woman who had lost their lives in the
clash on 21 June 1995 and whose bodies were buried in a lime pit are listed

'Registered to the village of Heybeli of Mardin, Nusaybin borned in 1973
Mehmet Aktay(Kahraman), registered to the Diyarbakir Çinar district of
Çukurbasi borned in 1978 Seymus Akboða (Serkeftin), Registerd to the
Mardin, Midyat district of Çalpinar village, borned in 1970 Mehmet Akan
(Delil), registered to the Diyarbakir Lice district of Körtürk village,
Serhat Özbahçivan, Registered to the Mardin Dargeçit district of Bostanli
village Hafsat Aslan(Mizgin) and registered to the Mardin Nusaybin district
of Doðanli village Sadik Akçakoca(Sehnaz)'

' The corpse was consisted of skull' The register of the public prosecutor
stated that the corpse which was burnt and found 2 days after the incidence
was belonging to the Menife Coskun (Ayten) who is registered to the Mardin
Kiziltepe District of Elbeyli village. There was no further statement
regarding her place of burial. The petty officer T.K., who has not given
information about where the corpse of Menife Coskun is, said that: We were
informed that a corpse was found near the place of the clash and we had gone
to the place. We had found the body burnt with just the bones remaining.
Fire took place after the bombing. After the investigation we have found
that the corpse was burnt after this fire.

What had happened to the Hatice Simsek

Registered to Diyarbakir Bismil district of Köpekli village Hatice Simsek
was said to be captured alive by the commandership of Savur Genderma.But
Diyarbakir. The State Security Court (DGM) public prosecutor has alleged
that she was killed by pressing when showing some place to the security
forces. There is no information where she died and where she had been

The family who took their son's death knell 11 years later, want his corpse

MARDIN (DIHA 24.01.2006)- Sasmaz family, who learned that a guerilla of HPG
Sait Sasmaz lost his life 11 years ago in a conflict, have welcomed visits
of condolences in their home. The family made an application to IHD (Human
Rights Association) Mardin Branch and wanted judicial aid from them to take
their son's corpse.

Family of HPG guerilla Sait Sasmaz (Huseyin), who lost his life in a
conflict between HPG Forces and Turkish Military Army in the district of
Mardin, Dargecit in 1995, took their son's death knell 11 years later and
they started to welcome visits of condolences in their home, in the district
of Mardin, Nusaybin.

Mother of Sait Sasmaz, Adile Sasmaz looked to the only photo of his son and
said "I send my condolences to all Kurdish people".

She wanted the operations and wars to be stopped, the “isolation” of Kurdish
National Leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan to be ended. And she said "I am no
different from the other mothers of martyrs. I gave birth to him, but he is
son of this people. Our children made themselves shields against bullets for
freedom and democracy. If our children are with their leader, we are also
with him. When my son went out from this home, I knew that he would return
here as a martyr. Because he went to fight", other Sasmaz, said that she
wanted to see her son’s corpse, even if there was only bones.

Brother of Sait Sasmaz, Ibrahim Sasmaz said that they will make an
application to IHD Mardin Branch to find his brother’s corpse; also he said
that it’s necessary to stop the conflicts. Sasmaz also said that because of
these misses a lot of people suffered enough and we will do what we can for
freedom and peace.

A lot of young people and also delegates of DTP (Democratic People Party)
have visited the home in Nusaybin and send their condolences to Sasmaz

Bones belonging to 3 person were found in the excavation

ÞIRNAK (DÝHA KEREM CELIK 09.02.2006) -Bones belonging to three person were
found in the garden of the house which was raided due to claims that it is a
house of Hizbullah.

In the raid at the house of Abdullah Gul at 07:00 o'clock, special movement
teams wearing snow masks took Gul and his wife and a person whose name is
not known into custody. In the excavation in the garden of the house, bones
belonging to 3 person were found. The digging by teams of municipality,
under the supervision of Cizre republic public prosecutor is continuing. The
police who blockaded the district have stopped press from press taking

The raid took place in the house of Abdullah Gul in 1993 and 175 guns with
long barrels and thousands of bullets and various means of torture were

DNA tests reveal buried bones belonged to villagers

Turkish Daily News 13.02.2006- Bones found in a mass grave in the
south-eastern Anatolian province of Diyarbakýr belong to 11 villagers who
disappeared during a security operation in the region, DNA tests on the
bones revealed.

The tests were conducted at a forensic laboratory in Istanbul by comparing
blood samples from families of the villagers with the bones. The forensic
authorities have sent their findings to the prosecutor's office in the Kulp
district of Diyarbakýr, which is leading the investigation.

Eleven villagers disappeared during an operation conducted by a commando
unit near Alaca village in Kulp in October 1993. A mass grave containing the
bones was discovered on Nov. 4, 2004.

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Turkey to pay YTL


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