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Racist attack in Cottbus

Dear brother's and sister's,
It is a pleasure for me today to be in front of my computer and to write you this informations and invitations. As you know,one asylumsecker and I were ATTACKED at the beginnin of march by ten nazis and racist YOUTH.
Conscious that we have the right to claim justice's right and in the fact that something must be done to end racist's violence and discrimnation against black peolple in this country, we decide to take the author of our agression to the court.

we have already got a appointment on the 16-11-2006 at the Amtgericht in cottbus at 10.30 h.

what happened to us is what happen to you every day only because you are black.that should be our higgest motivation to come together and to struggle against that before it will be late. we must react now to prevent another Oury Jalloh case. We need your massive support, we need our solidarity to stand up like one man and struggle against the system.
In additional,we plan before to organize a demonstration at 16-11,but we didn't got the authorization to do it that day.because the are something else planified that day so
we have been autorized to organise our "KUNDGEBUNG" Protest Manifestaion at 27-11-2006.

all of us have to meet that day in Cottbus's train station at 1 o'clock afternoon.(13 hours). We expected your support and be sure that together something will happen.

please excuse my english for the grammatical mistakes!

thank you.