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Kampagnenaufruf (deutsch), KAMPANYA ÇAĞRISI (türkce)

The complete campaign file including press releases, description of all the involved and attacked organizations, name of the imprisoned people and the adress of the prisons, and the signature list for the fax campaign for download
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Let’s Stop the State-Terror in Turkey!

While Turkey continuously claims to be in the process of democratisation, on the other hand, it blows a total state-terror in the whole country. The offices of the democratic organizations are being raided, their activists are being imprisoned, massacres are being carried out by attacking demonstrations and meetings, even the children are being shot on the streets. There was recorded an increase of applications to the Human Rights Association because of torture. There is now being put in force the implementations which are similar to the periods of military fascist coups and martial-laws.
In recent months, the state-terror on the democratic rights and organizations has been increased by the use of the new Anti-terror Law (TMY), which is considered as the Anti-Social Law by the democratic public opinion. TMY was put in force despite the opposition of democratic mass organisations, human rights organisations, intellectuals, trade unions, workers and labourers.
At the beginning of August, the newspaper Ozgur Gundem (Free Agenda) received a banning for a period of 15 days while the magazine Ozgur Halk (Free People) received 1 month.
On 12 August, a 16 year-old boy, Fevzi Abik, was shot and killed by the police in the middle of the street in Adana. Again on 5 September, an 8 year-old girl, Mizgin Ozbek, became the victim of an extra-judicial killing by gendarmerie, together with two other people in Batman.
On 6 September, the police attacked with gas bombs and panzers to the people who were protesting in Ankara against sending troops to Lebanon. 61 people were detained and 16 of them were imprisoned.
On 8-12 September, 23 journalists, writers and oppositional people known by their socialist identities were imprisoned following the house raids and arrests on the streets of various cities. The Chief Editor of the newspaper Atilim, Ibrahim Cicek, its Chief Coordinator Sedat Senoglu, its writers Ziya Ulusoy and Bayram Namaz, Ozgur Radio Chief Coordinator Fusun Erdogan and well known revolutionary and socialist personalities are among those people who have been sent to prison. The newspaper Atilim, which carried this news into its pages, was banned on 14 September, according to the Article 6 of the new TMY.
On 12 September, the counter-guerrilla forces affiliated to the state has once more responded the Kurdish people’s call for peace, with massacre, by killing 10 people (7 of them were children) in Diyarbakir.
On 13 September, the offices of the magazines Ozgur Halk and Genc Bakis in Istanbul Aksaray and Taksim were raided by the police. Their offices were plundered; Suat Kolca, the owner of the magazines and 4 more workers were arrested and sent to prison.
The Turkish state’s operation of imprisonment on the progressives, democrats, leftists and socialists became widespread. On 21 September, the Central Office of the newspaper Atilim in Istanbul and its other offices in all cities of Turkey and N. Kurdistan, the Gunes Ajans, where the newspaper Atilim is technically prepared, the central office of the newspaper Dayanisma, Ozgur Radio, BEKSAV (Association of Science, Aesthetic, Education and Culture), the offices of the magazine Art and Life, the offices of Socialist Platform of the Oppressed (ESP) in Istanbul-Taksim and in all other cities, associations in labourer neighbourhoods, Labourer Women’s Association (EKD) and its all branches, the general offices of Tekstil-Sen Union, Limter-Is Union, which is affiliated to DISK (Confederation of the Revolutionary Workers Unions), Federation of Socialist Youth Associations and its member associations in all cities and the houses of many revolutionaries were raided by the police. The raids and human hunting on the streets have continued in the coming days and are still continuing.
As a result of the raids, 130 journalists, broadcasters, unionists, woman activists, youth activists were taken into custody and 45 of them were imprisoned. The General President of Limter-Is Union, Cem Dinc and its General Secretary, Zafer Tektas, the General President of Tekstil-Sen Union, Ayse Yumli Yeter and its General Secretary Sevim Kaptan Olcmez, News Coordinator of Ozgur Radio, Halil Dinc and its worker Sinan Gercek, President of Istanbul Labourer Women’s Association, Cicek Otlu, Istanbul ESP representative Figen Yuksekdag, the editor of the newspaper Dayanisma, Emin Orhan, columnist of the newspaper Atilim, Hasan Cosar and its workers Ozge Kelekci, Mehmet Guzel, Serdal Isik were also among those who were imprisoned. Thus the number of the imprisoned people rose to 68. The number of the journalists who are in prison at the moment rose to 25.
There is the decision of confidentiality on the case which was made pretext for the attacks. Neither the imprisoned people and the raided organizations, nor the lawyers and the public opinion are informed about the case.
The police have even prevented the silent rally which was wanted to be organised by the Istanbul Branch of Human Rights Association on 7 October 2006, demanding “Freedom of Thought”. When the President of IHD, Hurriyet Sener said to the police: “You are violating our constitutional right, we will do this rally”, she got the answer: “Yes, we are violating your constitutional right and we are going to prevent your rally”.
The raided organizations and the other unions, democratic mass organisations, political parties, intellectuals and writers have increased the struggle against the TMY and the detention terror. The anger over the attacks is gradually growing on the international arena too.
There has been created a total state-terror and extra-ordinary conditions in Turkey and N. Kurdistan. This is the point which the attacked organizations, the democratic people and organisations reached to and which we share also.
Through these attacks, the socialist and oppositional press is wanted to be put in silence and the voice of unionists, workers and labourers, youth and women those who struggle for their rights is wanted to be shut down. The Turkish state has almost waged a war against the entire society with the new TMY. It is hunting for human in the offices of organizations, houses and on the streets. The freedom of press, freedom of action and freedom of organization is being violated; the journalists and writers are being put in prison. The Kurdish nation’s call for freedom and peace is responded with violence.
However, the journalists, writers, intellectuals, human rights defenders and oppositional people of the country, where the freedom of press, freedom of action and freedom of organization is being violated, have come together and are showing a common resistance.
We, therefore, call on all the democratic people and organizations to increase the international solidarity with the democratic organizations and the peoples of our country. We call upon you to protest the anti-democratic practices of the Turkish state, to demand the immediate release of the imprisoned people and to take place in the international delegation which will participate at and observe the trials of the people who have been put in prison.