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Second Internet Workshop

The caravan is organizing a second Internet Workshop in Bremen from July 3 to 5, 2004. The goal is to develop the caravan website further on and get a first introduction into online-journalism. Everybody who interested to participate can get in touch with the organizers by email.


Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th July, 2004.

This is to formally invite all interested persons to the next Caravan Internet workshop in Bremen. The schedule is as follows:

Date: Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th July, 2004.

Time: 18.00 pm

Place: Cultural Center Paradox-Bernhardstrasse 10-12, 28203 Bremen.


This workshop marks the next step in our attempt to build a nationwide website for the Caravan. At the end of March this year, a similar workshop was held also in Bremen as the first step. The discussions which took place included the history of the Caravan, previous experiences of the Caravan with different sites, problems of management and inter-connectivity amongst others. Considering the requirements of a nationwide site, a new site was was established.

The initial configuration work was commenced and all participants were able to upload and edit the site (on a test basis) within these three-day workshop. Since then, the site has continued to function as various Caravan activists from different regions are able to upload materials independently.

The next workshop is now expected to continue this discussion and develop the site further depending on the needs of the Caravan. It is therefore important that anyone who is interested in or capable of advancing these efforts should endeavour to take part in this workshop as the aim is to ensure that as many as possible Caravan activists are equiped with the knowledge to manage the site.


1. Feeding and accommodation is being arranged for participants who need it. Therefore knidly let us know if you are coming by sending a mail to any of the understated addresses to enable us prepare properly. Let us also know when you’ll arrive.

2. Transport costs will be paid with original tickets and please ensure that you use the cheapest possible means for this. If anyone is coming with a car, please collect receipts for the fuel from the Filling station.

Thanks and bye,
Sunny Omwenyeke
Caravan Bremen.