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Möhlau: Azad Murad Hadji died - deportation terror on mourning refugees

Is Möhlau Heim a vicious circle?

The burnt victim Azad Murad Hadji has finally died on tuesday at 4 pm. At the same time, instead of excercising solidarity, from the offices in charge of protecting refugees, the refugees were been terrorised with Deportation terror in Möhlau.

Today at arround 5 am, the police arrived in Möhlau with about 5 police wagons, despite the circumstance of fear that were surrounding the refugees because of the death of the burnt victim Azad, to deport a family man called Stolla from Kossovo. This refugee have been attributed in möhlau for many years, even to which one of his children had maried here in Germany.

As the police came surprisingly to deport him this morning, This refugee tried to commit suicide in case of any arrest, by trying to jump down from the fifth floor of the building.

At the same time the deportation caused unconsciousness to his wife and she was rushed to the hospital with an ambulance car.

This refugee has been obliged to live with residence restriction "residentphlicht" without working permission, isolated in möhlau. For many years which leads him finally to no perspective and his future and live have been systematically destroyed.

Therefor, the refugees in Möhlau are seriously protesting agains this kind of deportation terrors and are demanding solidarity and the respect of human dignity.

Is Möhlau Heim a vicious circle ?

The refugee initiative Möhlau.

PS. The Heimleader of Möhlau wants to make a party at the 5th of August. The refugees from Möhlau say: make your party alone. We want that the camp is shut down!