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Repression towards innocent refugees - is it justified?

written by Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg

A man and a woman joining together to form a family is the fundamental evolution of the existence of human nature and human beign has to move freely without limitation "freedom of movement". Having build families from which we got villages, cities, local government and states called "country" some were greedy, egoist and tricky because of political. Social economical, and financial system to which they created themselves to depend on.

These contributed to victimise some countries leading to political instability and crises, to poverty and hunger, to cronik sicknesess and death, to wars and missery, states bariers wherby each states has its own legitimate laws which could contradict the other states to which the cosequence would be surferd by "Human being", but human beings were meant to live on planet earth peacefully with one another to have one objective of positive thinking and solidarity.

Lets take for instance african continent as a whole, where enermous natural resourcesses found itself and states have been build through colonial structures and elitism, independent follows as from 1958 after surfering an immense set backs and confusional repression, identity, economical,.political confusion despite that, they managed to establish the so called "countries" with lots of colonial accord to which some of these accords contribute to contradict the continents developement of today.

Political system was established which comprises a lots of institutions to which other members states have to recognise as legitimate, bound together to function the world political system with the objective of achieving world peace and order, stability.

The financial institutional system was established in Africa, to which the competent institution has to regulate the african monetary mechanism which is related to the international monetary system. To generate a so called medium of exchange in other for people to use it to aquire their daily needs. But the forced loans with intrest, leads some of these countries to have an enermous foreign debt to which they could not be able to pay back because of the per incom capital and state revenue and could not be able to compete withe so called established industrial states.

The consequence leads thier money value to be devaluated and despite the fact that it makes it dificult for african farmers to sell thier product to the international market, states subsidies to thier famers by the industrial states would not be excludes as one of the problem, icluding trade barriers forwarded to them by the so called industrial states, inflations emerge as a result including unemployment which relates to extreem poverty explosion and corruptions in africa.

At the same time some african state import quotation exceed export quotation- that means some african countries becomes indirectly consumers with high unemployment quote- the industrial states goods would be sold in african market while african goods would be restricted in thier market.

These factor affects some african state political system ,to which the states policies would be affected, the political parties would be affected, also could leads some states to be dependent on external financial assistance and suport. This could equally leads to indirect exploitation of the posesed resourcess of a state by the industrial states in exchange of financial assistance which would also be used to pay an unfinished foreing debt. It also contribute to make good governance impossible therefore the eradication of poverty, hunger political crises,war, political persecutions becomes a problem.

These mechanisms mentioned contributed to the political instability in africa, conflicts, hunger and poverty, political persecution, dictatorships etc. And as far as it persit to exist refugees become victim.

Therefore we are calling the industrial states for solidarity, to stop deportation! And to give apprioprite protection to all refugees and put in consideration thier lives and human dignity. They are also the members of the world and needs protection.Refugees dont need isolation, resident restriction, dont need to be excluded without working permision. they need to be intergrated in the society, so as for refugees to contribute to the days to days activities which would be beneficial to the local governement.