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Würzburg Court Trail: Prosecution of Osaren Igbinoba’s protest against Police Racist control in the train

(Deutsch) Gerichtsverhandlung in Würzburg: Anklageerhebung gegen Osaren Igbinoba wegen Protests gegen rassistische Polizeikontrolle im Zug

The Caravan-for the Rights of refugees and Migrants

Würzburg Court hearing: Prosecution of Osaren Igbinoba’s protest against Police Racist control in the train.

Court hearing in Würzburg, Ottostrasse 5, on the 10th of Febuary at 8.40am

Protest racist control and support our demand that police should identify themselves on request

“If the Oury Jalloh murderers had been identified in the Dessau Police Station, the scandals of Dessau police could have exposed less irregularity in the judiciary system of the German state.” After the so called mysterious death of Oury Jalloh there is still no truth insight on who murdered Oury Jalloh in the Dessau police station.

On the 20th of September, in the afternoon, on my way from Frankfurt with my colleagues and members of The VOICE Refugee Forum and the organization of The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees/Migrants in Germany were victims of the so called “Border Police” who intentionally intimidated us and conducted racist and selective control in the train before arriving Würzburg train Station.

We took a train from Frankfurt via Würzburg to Thüringen. Before arriving at Würzburg main station I saw a policeman who was rushing to control my colleague in the train with a police woman and demanded from my colleague for his passport. I heard when my colleague asked the policeman to identify himself before proving the identity of my colleague himself (Dr. A.M) because there were no names and service numbers on the Police uniform.

Before my intervention the police man stopped my colleague from receiving an incoming call from his cellular phone while he insisted that the policeman should identify himself and I also heard when the same police man said to the other passengers that we were illegal even before we were identified. The German passengers in the train became so curious of the police stress and intimidation of my colleague in the train. Then I went to the policeman to inform him that it was right to identify himself because it was a selective control which was also practiced by the racist control of the police and that it was my profession to observe and protest police racist and selective controls against refugees and migrants in Germany. Instead the police insisted that we were under arrest and that they, the police officers, had informed the police to arrest us on arrival in Würzburg.

The POLICEMAN never showed to us his identity!
When the train arrived at the Würzburg station, more policemen were waiting for us
I told the police chief that we experienced selective police control of migrants everyday in Germany and especially in Bavaria and that we wanted to know the policeman and that it was normal to demand for police identification. The police chief said that I should go away from Germany to my country as if I was a personal guest of the policeman.
Before the police finished discussing with my other colleagues, myself and the other colleagues accepted to give them officially their refugee homes identities and my passport, when suddenly the chief-police officer became angry, ordered his colleagues to chain me and one of my colleagues for arrest and detained me in a police station detention cell without any reason of arrest

Please note that I am accused of refusing to show my passport which I did but please note also that the police or the Border police are obliged to identify themselves in Bavaria on request by law. In all the cases I have requested the border police in Bavaria to show their official identity in uniform they all accepted to do so without complain.

I was released from the police cell the same day after I requested for telephone to contact my lawyer and to inform my colleagues from Berlin, Hamburg and Wuppertal who intervened by telephone protest against my arrest by the police.
No any reason from the police was given to us why they arrested us before and after the brutalization in hand chain and about my detention.
I do not accept the racist control and the intimidation by the police brutality in Würzburg

I protest racist controls and brutality of the police, I protest my arrest and detention by the Würzburg police
I do not accept the racist control and the intimidation by the police brutality in Würzburg

Protest Racist Profiling!
Protest Racist control and Support our demand that Police should identify themselves on request as part of our minimum demands!

We demand for the immediate Abolition of the racist Apartheid law of "Residenzpflicht" that restricts refugees only to their residential districts in Germany.

Solidarity is our weapon - Our continuity is our power and we take that responsibility! Freedom of movement should be everyone's right without compromise or restriction!

Unite Against Colonial Injustice and Join the Karawane Festival in memory of the dead victims of the the Fortress Europe by the Frontex militarization of European borders which is scheduled to take place in Jena from the 4th to 6th of June 2010.

In Solidarity we remain!
Osaren Igbinoba,
A founding activist of The VOICE Africa / Refugee Forum since 1994 in Germany and a coordinating activist of the Caravan for the rights of refugee and migrants – a nationwide network of antiracist protest and human rights activists in Germany since 1998

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