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Speech over Iran developments in Caravan Festival 2010

Hallo dear friends!

That is my honor to be here between you. We are here to respect the human dignity, equal be black or white or yellow, and equal be women or men, old or young. We are here to fight for freedom, for a better world, a world without exploitation, colonialism, racism, and sexism. We are gathering here to remember the memory of those thousands people who died in the borders just because according to the rule of capitalism, they were not welcome in this world. Those who are running the world would not talk about our real history. Their huge public Medias reflect their leis and nonsense’s to fool the people and make legitimacy for their cruel rule, the rule of capitalism. We should ourselves talk about our history.

What they are saying about developments in Iran? They introduce the reformist fraction of Islamic republic as opposition, and trying to say that the conflict is about fraud in election and the Iranian people desire to have democratic and moderate Islam.

According to the corrupt political literature of Capitalism the parties like SPD, or CDU or FDP etc. can in different period be an opposition group. This is absolutely demagogy. These parties are all advocators of capitalism and their competition is to have the control of the profit in their own favor. In the same way there is not real and basic difference between conservatives and reformist fractions of Islamic republic of Iran.

In a country of mass arresting and collective execution, inferiority of women and minorities, imprisoning of reporters and lawyers, destroyed villages and unemployment as big as 40% and all according to the rule of capitalist and Islamic marionette regime of Iran, to say that people want another form of Islamic and capitalist regime is a great lie. There is an ocean of blood between our people and this Islamic republic.

Khomini comes to the power exactly after Guadalupe conference agreements by Western powers. This was a ready reactionary force in the area, reinforced, feed and supported by West, especially after Doctrine of Truman. And now both West and East benefit of reactionary existence of such forces like Hezbollah, Alghaede, Taleban, Hamass and so on in the region. To introduce these backward and reactionary forces as anti imperialism, gives to the big powers the opportunity to label them as terrorist, and running their colonial wars around the world, and at the same time arresting or killing revolutionaries with the excuse of anti terrorist wars. The global system of imperialism relies itself on both of them. The imperialist powers and backward fanatic forces reinforce each others.

We are all living in a very critical time. The world again and still is in the crisis. The big powers compete against each other, making their alliances and running the wars to save their system. From other side, here or there we see the people erupt in protests and struggle against their capitalist rulers. The Fate of the different countries is so integrated to each other that we can talk about world village. What happen in Iran or other countries is not merely an interior things, it is directly related to the future of life in our planet. Let unite and fight against the horror that capitalism cause to the humanity. Let unite to make capitalism history.

Long live internationalism!

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!
Some remarks by the author concerning Caravan Festival