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Support the campaign to resist the arrest of Miloud L. Cherif because of "Residenzpflicht" - Refugee movement restriction

Miloud L. Cherif, a refugee activist in Zella-Mehlis is threatened to be jailed for refusing to pay fine for having violated the „Residenzpflicht“ law that abuses the refugee rights and is against his personal freedom of movement in Germany.

Miloud Cherif Speaks on Residenzpflicht during Felix Otto rememberance in Jena

We keep informing you about the struggles of refugee to break the isolation from the isolation camps. Various protests of refugees in Zella-Mehlis and Meiningen with the refugee community in Thueringen already took place. The protest against the isolation and the abuses of refugee rights by the laws and the authorities were manifested in the recent months.

The success of our campaign to make public the abuses in Gerstungen, Gangloffsömmern, Breitenworbis and Zella-Mehlis through the selforganization of refugees and solidarity in the Lager community has empowered many refugees and non-refugees. Through this campaign, our struggle has advanced to a higher level of awareness towards the closure of the isolation camps in Thueringen.

Public pressure on the authorities from the campaign was achieved through the refugee delegation meetings and visits, press and online media work together with rallies, demonstrations on the streets and with the nationwide support of the caravan for rights of refugees and migrants in Germany.

All of these activities were actively coordinated by Miloud L. Cherif from Zella-Mehlis with The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena and our support network in Thueringen. The Refugee Community Campaign has gained the fullest support of the “Break Isolation Network” from Jena with the positive feedback from the KARAWANE Festival 2010 preparation group in Jena.

With the struggles of the refugees and the support of The VOICE/KARAWANE/BREAK ISOLATION NETWORKS in Thueringen we will take the campaign all over to the Isolation camps in Germany.

How can we support Miloud L. Cheriff to resist the arrest and his campaign to abolish “residenzpflicht” law in Germany?

Open Meeting on Residence Obligation "Residenzpflicht" with Miloud L.Cherif in Jena

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena:

Events in Thueringen:

Open Meeting on Residence Obligation "Residenzpflicht" with Miloud L. Cherif in Jena

Call for the abolition of "Residenzpflicht" movement restriction and the residential obligation in isolation camps or lagers for refugees in Thueringen

The Movement Restriction for Refugees in Germany (Residenzpflicht) is a means of oppression by the German state against any effective attempt of refugees to make a stand for their rights and to get organised. The case of Miloud Cherif is the best example on how this law, most of the Germans still do not even know that it is existing, prevents refugees from meeting each other and from geting in touch with human rights organisations.

But Miloud at the same time shows to all the refugees on how to confront the oppression - by civil desobediance: Declaration of Miloud L. Cherif against „Residenzpflicht“ - My freedom is not for sale

Activists from the Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants in Hamburg and Wuppertal are invited to meeting in Jena

Date: 16.09.2011
The meeting will start at 6pm till 10:30pm
We will announce the place of meeting next week.

Interested activists and participants could phone or send email to

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena
Tel. mob. 0176 24568988 and email.

Other Events with Miloud in Thueringen:

1. Report on Felix Otto remembrance - ''We Never Forget! We Never Forgive!''

Close the Refugee Isolation Camp in Breitenworbis - Rally and
demonstration, 15th September in Heiligenstadt


Erfurt: Demo zur Schließung der Flüchtlingslager und zur Durchbrechung der rassistischen Isolation in Thüringen

Nie Wieder isolation lager!
Making History - Never Again with Refugee Isolation Camp!
"Let us keep spreading the call for solidarity until we make the Abolition of Refugee Isolation in Lagers to become part of the history of our time". - The VOICE Refugee Forum

Erobert die Kontrolle über euer Leben zurück – Rassistische Isolation brechen!

Die Flüchtlinge in Thüringen organisieren sich und stehen gemeinsam auf, gegen die rassistische Isolationpolitik in Thüringen und für die Schließung aller Lager.

Am 22. Oktober wird es eine gemeinsame Demonstration der Flüchtlinge in Erfurt geben.

Dauerkundgebung ab 10 Uhr | Erfurt, Anger
Demonstration um 14 Uhr Uhr | Erfurt, Hauptbahnhof

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