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April: Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act

Break Isolation Strike - Refugees Liberation Bus Tour
Close down the Refugee lagers and the Deportation Prisons
The Tour is planned through Lagers and Deportation Prisons in Baden-Württemberg and Schwaben Bayern from 26 April to end up with a demo in
Stuttgart on 01.06.13.

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*On the Move! Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act*

*April 2013 in 7 regions of Germany*

Workshops, Conferences and Discussions with Break Isolation Campaign Network and Refugee Tribunal platform activists

Goettingen, 08.-9.04
Berlin, 08.-13.04
Frankfurt, 10.-11.04 (Rally in Containerlager Oberursel 11.04)
Essen, 9. April 2013, Zusammenkunft
Bremen, 11-12.04
Hamburg, 13.04
Wuppertal, 14. April 2013, Zusammenkunft
Jena, 22-26.04.

*Women Congress* in Hamburg 19-21.04

*Rallies and Demonstrations:*
Breitenworbis and Heiligenstadt 26.04.
Wolfsburg, 27.04

*Unite against Colonial injustice and strengthening the refugee struggles means:

Freedom of Refugees' Movement

that we close down the refugee camp
that we break Residenzpflicht till it ends
that we demand for a movement against deportations

“Break Isolation Meetings in Lagers - through our chains of protest and resistance we are calling for a Break Isolation Movement to keep the authorities under permanent control and to protest against their abuses - for the empowerment of the refugee campaigns in the daily struggles of the lager communities we need a collective movement.” by Osaren Igbinoba

World Wide Roma Movement: thousands of balloons - *8. April 2013* for Roma Community, in Solidarity with the Break Isolation Movement! Against exclusion and Isolation!

Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act 2013 - Input by The VOICE Refugee Forum;

Refugee Campaigns and Mobilization for the Refugee Tribunal in Berlin on 13-16. June 2013 against the abuses of the german state on refugees;

Refugee appeals to refugees in the neighbourhood lagers in order to join together and to organise our protest and campaigns in the refugee communities;

There will be rallies; demonstrations in the refugee lagers and delegations of activists visits to isolation Lager during the Break Isolation Conference in April 2013.

*On the move!*

Make Donation to: Sparkasse Göttingen; Kontonummer 127829; BLZ: 260 500 01;
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Caravan - for the rights of refugees and migrants in Germany

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