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Refugee Protest Demo in Eisenhüttenstadt against Lager, Residenzpflicht & Deportation after suicide of an inmate

Meeting point in Berlin: 1pm / Berlin Ostbahnhof / platform 2
28th of May 2013 a young man from Chad took his life in the refugee lager of Eisenhüttenstadt (Brandenburg/Germany)!

In Eisenhüttenstadt there is the "Zentrale Aufnahmestelle für Asylbewerber", the central refugee camp, in Brandenburg. That means that every refugee seeking asylum in Brandenburg is sent to the lager in Eisenhüttenstadt, where they have to live during their asylum process until they get transfered to another lager in Brandenburg or deported. Part of the lager is a deportation prison where rejected asylum seekers are brought to to deport them directly.

Governed by a security company named B.O.S.S., the situation is increasingly bad: the rooms are crowded, the toilet and shower rooms are poor and dirty. The refugees are kept away from necessary information. There is security staff everywhere. Refugees are isolated in the camp, for the majority of them it's not allowed to travel to Frankfurt or Berlin for a lawyer or councelling center without applying for a special permission, because of the "Residenzpflicht". The refugees cannot select what they want to eat because every day they get the same bad food in a canteen in the lager. People are deported right from their rooms, in front of the others, deportations can happen everytime. That caused an atmosphere of fear in the whole camp.

If refugees are ill, one of the two nurses, calles "Schwester Sabine", is screaming to them, asking them why they don't speak German. Who complains about this racist treatment gets a visit from the lager staff that tell them not to complain. Just a few days ago, a woman was pressured to abort her unborn child, telling her that the three children she already has would have been enough and that she only would have got pregnant to prevent a deportation!

Because of all these facts, we call out for a demonstration in Eisenhüttenstadt and demand:

- Stop deportations! Abolish the deportation prison!
- Better healthcare and sanitation!
- Access to independent information! / Stop keeping information away!
- Freedom of movement - abolish Residenzpflicht!
- Stop police controls around the camp!
- Better food - or money so that the refugees can buy our own food!