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Lampedusa in Hamburg and the "holy" octopus - video report

Hello media and spindoctors, and many have been waiting for a picture of the "Octopus"!
(The largest and most interesting installation on the mass demonstration "Lampedusa in Hamburg - we are fighting for our rights" on March 1st, 2014 in Hamburg)

That the long-fingered, eight-armed octopus did not appear in the media, although it being at the demonstration was obvious there, is no coincident and no conspiracy theory, not in times of war and the preparation of more wars, not in times where the population needs to be tuned in to accept the next crime and to commit them - war crimes such as NATO has committed with wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya. Over one hundred children, women and men died in the bombing on September 4th 2009 at the Kunduz River in north-eastern Afghanistan. The responsible Colonel Georg Klein is a General today.

War crimes are rewarded and promoted at German schools for supplying of murderers in uniform. Not Pacifism is advertised, but for the murder crafts, packaged as an adventure holiday with merit and career opportunities - the Colonel sends his regards.
The catchwords of democracy and human rights are not empty; they are filled to the brim with explosives.

Steffi Wittenberg, survivors of persecution by the Nazi regime and Esther Bejarano, survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp stand aside the survivors of the NATO war in Libya. Pupils are out on the road against war and deportation. They hear the voices of the witnesses of the war and make their own voices heard. What they say is hardly delivered in the media. Preferably images are shown, if possible, without the usual F(u)CK SPD flag or T-shirt, stickers, caps and so on. If there is no "clean" photos, but a flag can be seen, then they can be still call it funny.

It’s getting serious when the hypocrisy of Europe is revealed. Then there are no images in the media from "NDR" to "Hamburg-mittendrin" and "junge-Welt". And yet, many people on the demonstration have loaded the crimes and guilt of Europe on their shoulders, and carried the tentacles of the "European-Frontex Mediterranean Octopus“through the streets of Hamburg. Luckily there's other ways to obtain information, if we want to know what is really going on our planet and luckily you can now make your own media, at least to burn some holes in the curtain of the deadly hypocrisy of the great democracy to let light in the darkness of dictatorship - Oury Jalloh-it was murder

Don’t belive the hype – Move and resist

Oktopus video

"To where leads the wealth of few?
the others...., are looking into the tube."(text on the banner)

Also this accurate picture of the media was held back from us. Do not look into the tube, find your own focus.

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