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Help! Hamburg Police Brutalizing Lampedusa refugees peaceful protest

Register your protest by Telephone, Fax and email to the Authorities in Hamburg and Luxemburg:

Please act to stop the police violence that is taking place in Hamburg against the 50 to 60 refugees of the Lampasas’ group in Hamburg who are on sit-in-strike in solidarity protest in front of city hall.

The refugees demand a reaction from the city administration regarding their request for a residence permit according to paragraph 23 and working permits and also to express their solidarity with the victims of police brutality in Luxemburg.

At about 15.00Uhr in Hamburg: The courageous Lampadusa refugees led a spontaneous protest in front of the city hall to continue the protest against their homelessness, till now several people have been wounded in the bloody attacks of the police in Hamburg. The refugees are facing continuous repression, many refugees and activists are forcefully arrested and detained in the police station.

At about 12.noon in Luxemburg: The Europe-wide refugee protest “March for freedom of movement” from Strasbourg to Brussels has been attacked violently and gas sprayed by the Police in Luxemburg during their protest at the EU conference of the internal ministers.

The VOICE Refugee Forum call to protest the bloody violence of the German police against the protesters and that Police should act as “civilized” citizens as we demand the immediate release of the protesters, we demand public apology for their ignorance in favor of the discrimination and repressions of the people in Europe while we hold the ministers responsible to investigate immediately the abuses of the police.

Please act to stop the police violence and intimidation of protesters and condemn the police violation of our democratic rights to protest and for public assembly in Germany and in Europe.

You can organize public protests in your communities and Register your protest by Telephone, Fax and email to the Authorities in Hamburg and Luxemburg to Free Our Brothers and Sisters :

Mayor Office Hamburg,
Senatskanzlei Address
Postfach 105520
20038 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 - 42831-0
040 - 42831-2555

Call the Luxembourg police station and tell them to free our friends
Tel: 00352 4997 4 500
Also per fax: 00352 4997 4 599

Local group: