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Police abuse in Sachsen-Anhalt: Forcible confinement and abuse of power against the refugee Oumarou Hamani Ousman

Police abuse in Sachsen anhalt: Forcible confinement and abuse of power against a refugee Oumarou Hamani Ousman

On Friday, July 25 around 16 pm at Bitterfeld train station, together with some other refugees, we had once again been confronted to the German National police on plainclothes, who surrounded us for identity verification and as always, my peaceful person is targeted.

Then, three police officers approached me, each on me by force and take me to their car parked in the parking lot and handcuffed my arms and threw me in their car and drove to the police headquarters in Bitterfeld, my arm handcuffed back, they hide me away against the car window and jammed my neck aginst it, they wore gloves, the police close my nose and mouth to suffocate me, that extent, I fought with energy and externality , arrived in the local police custody of Bitterfeld, they immediatly chained my two legs exactly like it happens in «Quantanamo» they smashed me on the ground, the other police on my neck while the other on my legs, for almost half an hour, it was from there that my toturers took me with four hefty guys to make me a digital fingerprint, they claimed and say it is to verify my identity which s not clear, according them.

They wrote their protocol, and ask me to sign, and I said to them that, I do not sign something that I did not do and I will lay a complain against "forcible confinement and abuse of power against X", I went out from the local police station of Bitterfeld at arround 20:30 pm with swollen hands and I had "wounds" all over my arms.

We denounce this witch hunt of which Oumarou is a victim all the time from the German National Police (Bundespolizei), whose wild imaginings would not make him give up but contrary make him to advance and stronger. With him the police always got out of arguments.

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Oumarou Hamani Ousman