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Badra Ali Diarra on the suicide of his comrade Amdi Mostafa in the internment camp (Lager) of Haldensleben 18th of August 2014

Testimony by Badra Ali Diarra following the suicide of his comrade Amdi Mostafa in the internment camp (Lager) of Haldensleben, Germany,18th of August 2014

“Yesterday morning my friend Amdi Mostafa from Mali jumped from the terrace of his building with a rope around his neck in the Lager of Haldensleben.

I think it was because of the German government’s pressure: You have no right to go out, you are like a prisoner. And most people who work in the Lagers are real racists. This worsens our sadness.

Amdi and I were here for two years, but we had no rights at all. We met in the Lager of Haberstadt. Then they transferred us both to Harbke. The Lager in Harbke was in the middle of the forest, 4 km from the city of Helmstedt, and there were only two buses a day. In Harbke, someone died because nobody took care of his health. On Saturday he was sick. So we informed the people of the social office. But they told us to wait till Monday. Sunday evening, our comrade died. And that’s not all. The following week, someone was burned by electricity in his bed. Luckily he was saved. That’s when I decided I can no longer live in the Lager. I left for Oranienplatz in Berlin. Later, when I was at Oranienplatz, they transferred us from Harbke to the Lager in Haldensleben.

The last time I saw Amdi was July 30, when I returned to Haldensleben to pick up my deportation letter. That’s the day I was put in the deportation prison in Berlin-Köpenick. That day when I saw Amdi, he was no longer sick. He was doing OK, he even offered me to eat. I did not feel he had any psychological problems. But yesterday, he killed himself. In Magdeburg, the people like when a refugee commits suicide. There are nazis in the population.
This will not stop until foreigners and German citizens have the same rights. They tell us about human rights! There are no human rights here! They say we, the Africans from Oranienplatz, are a bomb! Because our skin color is different they think we are not intelligent! This is ignorance; all human beings are equal. When they talk about human rights, they have to be realized.

A human kills himself and you say you are not responsible! Even animals you don’t let die like that! Even a dog or a cat you take care of!

I demand that the German government close the Lagers, stop deportations and give equal rights to foreigners!
I also demand that Amdi’s body be returned to his family in Mali!
Stop killing refugees!”

Badra Ali Diarra, Oranienplatz Berlin, 19 August 2014