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Demonstation concerning the killings of the refugees by gun men and the injustice in Fallersleben/ Wolfsburg Refuge Camp

Monday, September 29, 2014 - 00:00 to 12:00

On 24th of September 2014 at 20:45, at no. 30 Hafenstrasse Refuge Camp in Fallersleben / Wolfsburg, 2 white gun men entered our house and started fighting with one of the Refugees, whoose name was Mr. John Morris. They brought out their gun telling Mr Morris that they need drugs and then Morris started shouting and raising his voice for help when they started fighting whith him. Then one of his neighbours, Mr Stanly Utubor from Edo State Nigeria, AkA Zim. Rasta or John Massinmba who works with Nora Centrum company in Wolfsburg also come back from work on that faithful eveing just open his door when hearing the frist gun shot. Then he opens his door just to come out for help. There they just shoot him to dead instantly with out taking even his food he made to eat that night. One of the white guys was also wounded during the fighting with Mr John Morris. Now, the guys are held by the police and we keep on calling the police and the Ambulance they came very very late and that was another problem. We are also not happy with the informations we received from the Wolfsburg Newspaper on the 25th of September on the incident claiming that the dead boy was a drug dealer. Because of this insecurity in this camp, with this bad imeage on us and the bad enveroment, we the refugees called the government of Wolfsburg on 31 of April 2013 to closes this camp in Hafensrasse but nothing has been done till this moment. We are coming out to the street on Monday 29th of September 2014 to Demonstrate against all this injustices against us the refugees in this city Wolfsburg. The Demostretion will start from no. 30 Hafenstr, at 9:00am to Rathaus city Wolfsburg on Monday 29 September 2014 we the refugees will make a very big Demonstration against this injustices and demand the closing of this camp. And we also support the Voice of Refugees and Caravan for the struggle for the refugees. Please we need your support now! Come one, Come all!
Form the Fallersleben refugee Camp. Adolphus Ntochukwu Ugwumba, aka John.