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Refugees from Schwäbisch Gmünd denounce Residenzpflicht to participate in 20 years of refugee resistance in Jena

(Wednessday 1st - 5th October 2014).
As Refugee Activist from Schwäbisch Gmünd, we re-emphasize our determination to ignore any law that undermines our human dignity as we denounce and demand the total abolition of residenzpflicht, racial police control and other discriminating laws that sustains the German state culture of Apartheid.

Since februray this year, we have experienced various forms of repression from the Police through obvious
administrative abuse of power by the district Officials.

The district Officials have always excalated our peaceful approach against discriminating policies and branded us as trouble makers in legitimation of enforced brutality to Police release of dogs on us in
the lager.
Notwithstanding the several uncalled for arrest and pending criminal charges against us, the District Officer responsible for Refugees is attempting to manipulate a negative decision on our asylum proces through a letter drafted to The Federal office for Migration and refugees.

Our spontanous protest at the State Paliament to demand urgent intervention on the insecurity we face in Schwäbisch Gmünd attracted the Director of the Integration Ministry who only gave a justification of the repression rather than addressing our complains of insecurity with the district Officials.

We had been profiled racially and controlled in the Train to Jena as participants of a refugee conference in preparation for the 20 years anniversary of Refugee resistance in Germany organised by The VOICE Refugee Forum.
Based on that racial control the Schwäbisch Gmünd Local Authourity have served each of us with fines of 107 Euro based on allegation of violation of Apartheid Residenzflicht Law for which have openly
decleared our stand;
“Paying a dime for Residenzpflicht means justification of apartheid law in Germany”.

We have choosen the option of imprisonment to expose the existence of colonial democracy in Germany and demand our fundamental rights to freedom of movement for all as inbibed in the German constitiution and other international laws.

We have organised several events to demask lies that the Residenzpflicht has already been abolished as we call for nationwide solidarity against this continious act of criminalisation and persecution of Refugees in Germany.

We uphold our determination to be anywhere especially as we express our solidarity with the different struggles of Refugees without fear because No border can stop our political and social engagement.

We call on Refugees to wake up to the challenge of civil disobedience, denounce Residenzpflicht to participate in the 20 years anniversary of refugee resistance in Germany.

Refugees who intend to join us from Baden Wurttemberg should please contact us on; Tel.: 015219006680