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Remembering the Peaceful Struggle of Refugees and Those Dead in Mohlau, Wittenberg

Refugee movement Sachsen Anhalt (formally called Refugee Initiative Wittenberg) remembers the hard struggle they went through from 2008 both politically, socially, and economically to close one of the most highly isolated refugee camps in Germany. It contributes to ameliorate the situation of refugees in the local government of Wittenberg and Sachsen Anhalt at large.

December twenty seventh makes it exactly two years!!! (27-29.12.2012 final relocation of refugees from Mohlau).

It remembers all refugees both families and singles that are repressed, humiliated, traumatised and deprived of perspective for many years in Mohlau refugee camp. It equally remembers those refugees dead in Mohlau refugee camp. May their souls rest in perfect peace!

Today, refugees are decentralised to apartments in different communities of the local government of Wittenberg. One of them is Vockerode. See the photos of Vockerode

Our continuity is our priority and all your support would be needed so that atrocities, injustice against humanity could be stopped. Those committing these atrocities should be held responsible for destroying the lives of refugees by trying to legitimate and justify atrocities, repressions, injustice against refugees.

Our critical position to pressurize is necessary to protect all refugees from the destructive structure of the oppressors. Our unique position of criticism without compromise serves you all!

The network of Refugee Movement Sachsen Anhalt, The Voice Refugee Forum and The Caravan for the Right of Refugees and Migrant.