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Anti-Lager-action-days in Blankenburg (Oldenburg) 29.09. - 01.10.

The anti-Lager-action-days will begin on the 29th of September in Blankenburg. We want to demonstrate our solidarity with the refugees for three days.


The Lager Blankenburg is 5km away from Oldenburg city. Refugees who asked for asylum have to live there. In those Lagern Refugees and migrants are exposed to inhuman and conflictive situations. They have almost no rights and are isolated and stigmatised from society. They get totally reduces medical supply, bad canteen-food and underlie to the "Residenzpflicht" (that means, that they can't leave their district without a permission).

The purpose of Lager is to have a permanent control over the people, to humiliate them, to take away any perspective for their lives and so to force them to leave the country.

With the anti-Lager-action-days we want to show the inhuman conditions in the Lager Blankenburg and the repressive migration policy which is characterized through the "Lager-System" to the public. We will camp in font of the Lager for three days, will discuss together with the refugees and search for perspectives for the common resistance.

On Saturday the 30th of September there will be a demonstration against the lager policy in the city of Oldenburg. Furthermore there will be different workshops, films, games and circus in the camp in front of the Lager.

You are all invited to the anti-Lager-action-days, bring your friends and fellows! Tents and sleeping bags could be helpful. There will be food.
Come all!

We came to stay!

Stop Abschiebung!

Close Lager!

Equal rights for all!

Für global freedom of movement!

Travel cost for refugees and other people who can't afford them will be reimbursed.
There will be Tents and sleeping bags for refugees ant ohter people who don't have one!

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