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Struggle against camp-system in Lower Saxony goes on

Strike information no. 5 - recent developments

On Monday 20th of November a declaration concerning the refugee protests in the Camp in Blankenburg (7 kilometers outside the City) passed the City Council of Oldenburg. In the declaration that is unanîmously (!) supported by all political parties it is said: ”The Gouvernment of Lower Saxony is asked to evaluate intensively the demands the inhabitants of ZAAB Blankenburg have put forward and make proposals for solutions. Most of all, the question of housing is to be discussed and the possibiliy of decentralized lodging should be considered. Also, the bureaucratic Gutschein-system is to be abolished.” Surprisingly, these formulations were even supported by the local CDU-members who are therefore openly opposing their own CDU-gouvernment in the State of Lower Saxony and the wellknown hardliner Minister of Interior Schünemann.

This (symbolic, but at least to some scale) concrete success in the local political scenery was followed by the decision fo the refugees in deportation camp Bramsche to go on strike themselves. Bramsche formally belongs to the ZAAB Blankenburg, in both camps accordingly to the authorities approx. 500 refugees live at the moment. After last weeks token strike there is now no time limit for the boycot of the cantine. This leads to the fact that the strikes in Blankenburg and Bramsche are fights against the Camp politics (of Lower Saxony) in general. The refugees in Bramsche have declared the same demands as the inhabitants of Camp Blankenburg. As the living conditions in both camps are quite similar and both institutions officially belong together the refugees in Bramsche also want to get involved in the round table talks that are going to take place in Oldenburg. Furthermore the refugees demand the closure of the cantine and the possibility to cook for themselves instead. The camp-school has to be closed and the children of the camp should go to regular schools. Last but not least the medical treatment should be appropriate, and doctors should be freely chosen.

For the strike in Bramsche money is urgently needed. Donations to AK Dritte Welt e.V., Konto-Nr. 015 131 337, BLZ 280 501 00, LZO, Verwendungszweck: Aktionstage

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