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Justice for Dominique Kouamadio


Demonstration on 09 December 06
Meeting point: Nordmarkt Dortmund, 13:00
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On 14 April 2006, Dominique Kouamadio, a 23 year-old Congolese, was shot dead by a policeman in Dortmund. The owner of a kiosk had called the police because Dominique was standing in front of his kiosk window with a knife. At the time three police officers arrived by car, the situation was according to their own statements not threatening. Until today, it has not been clarified why the situation escalated: a policeman killed Dominique by two shots, fired directly after each other into his leg and into his heart. The public prosecutor's office in Dortmund opened an investigation against the police officer who fired the mortal shots, but dismissed the case because of supposed self-defence. Self-defence? Despite the fact that all eye witnesses give evidence of a distance of several meters between Dominique and the policeman who shot

Dominique's sister engaged the services of a lawyers? office to file an appeal against the dismissal of the case with the public prosecutor's office and together they demanded the bringing of an immediate charge of
'intentional homicide' in a press conference on 10 October 2006. Meanwhile the public prosecutor's office in Dortmund rejected the appeal and passed it on to the senior public prosecutor's office in Hamm.
We demand the clarification of Dominique's death, as the officer who shot and killed Dominique mustn't go unpunished. Killings by the police mustn't be allowed to become normality. We also remind of Oury Jalloh who burnt to death in a police cell on 07/01/2005 and of many other victims of racist state violence.

We don't accept racism, exclusion, and inequality!

We demand a Complete clarification!

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