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African Community Conference in Dessau on January 6, 2007

Afrikanische Community Konferenz in Dessau A U F R U F in Deutsch hier

Racist Police Killings and Criminalisation of Africans and Blacks in Germany:
Oury Jalloh Family Campaign 2007 in Dessau

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Within the last few years, the African community in Germany has been on the streets to let their voices heard in relation to the laxity of the German executive, judiciary and legislative bodies to speedily bring to justice "hate crimes" like racism committed against a black man. An example is the case of Oury Jallow who was killed in the police cell in Dessau.

Two years ago Oury Jallow was locked up after severe beatings from the Dessau police officers in the cell and the cell later went into flames. Though the police officers were present, non rescued Oury Jallow. On the contrary, the sound of the alarm was reduced and Oury Jallow burnt to death.

The African community holds very strong that the police of Dessau killed Oury Jallow. We are calling for a speedy action against the police perpetrator of this act in front of justice and not to use the old strategy of "shying away". This old strategy of shying away from racist crimes committed against Africans and other black people living in Germany has promoted and escalated police brutality against Africans and other blacks in Germany.

It is of the interest of the German government to downplay the existence of Africans and other black people in Germany and to hide the long standing relationship of expliotation like slavery and colonialism Germany has had in Africa that has rubbed Africa and its people from their riches and forced them to migrate.

This not withstanding, the African community will continue in its struggle to force the German authorities to speed up any hate crime committed against Afrcans and other blacks living in Germany. The police in Dessau and the judiciary do not provide effective protection to Africans and blacks in their jurisdiction. The duties of institutions like the police and the judiciary entail a wide range of duties: speedy investigation and handling of complaints of racist discrimination, counselling public and private authorities and the creation of awareness in the public of the existence of Africans and blacks in this society.

On the contrary, it is tragic that the police and the courts are not functioning as
espected. They indulge in very slow procedure when it is against an African or black. They play the role of portraying Africans and blacks as criminals of their society that should be excluded and discriminated upon.

Another form of racism in Dessau like in other parts of Germany is institutional racism. This can be seen in the nature Africans who have right of residence permit of this country are refused by the authority. There are Africans with children and married to Germans but they do not have regular documents as the law stipulates. The African community will like to have an explanation why it is so in Dessau.

Street racism is another form of racism the Africans and blacks in Dessau face on daily basis. When Africans are on the street, they are attacked verbally and physically. Due to laxity of the police and the courts, the common man on the streets see an African or a black as an object of redicule. There is no respect of co-existence in the society. We are afraid that the next pogrom in Germany will be against the blacks.

In order to comemorate the brutal death of Oury Jalloh, the African community in Dessau in collaboration with the mother branch in Germany are calling on all Africans and well wishers to use this day in remembrace of other Afrcans and blacks who died in the racist hands of this country. Let us put in mind our departed brothers and sisters; Dominique Kouamadio (Dortmund), Laye-Alama Condé (Bremen), John Achidi (Hamburg), N'deye Mareame Sarr (Aschaffenburg), Amir Ageeb (München), Kola Bankole (Frankfurt), Alberto Adriano (Dessau) and Amadeo Antoneo.

Our Demands.

1. We want a speedy court procedure of the death of Oury Jallow
2. Call for the stop of police brutality
3. Call for the protection of Africans like any other individual living in Dessau
4. Call for the right of residence to those Africans who have been refused their

The events are coordinated by The African Community Conference-Dessau with the participation of African-Black Community.

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