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Palestinian refugee does not accept restriction of movement in Germany

Ahmed Sameer, member of The VOICE Refugee Forum will protest in civil disobedience against the German Residenzpflicht-law which restricts the movement of asylumseekers to their landkreis and violates their human rights.

The first court hearing on the three counts charge of police controls of Residence Obligation -pass law violation against Ahmed Sameers and his protest against “Residenzpflicht” will be held in the Amtsgericht Gotha, Justus-Perthes-Straße 2, Room 214, at 12 noon, on the 21st of June 2004.

At the moment Ahmed Sameer has four pending cases against the Residenzpflicht, he was controlled by the police in Berlin in month of Febuary 2003 when he was asking for information in the police station on behalf of a friend who wanted to seek asylum, in March 2003 on a filling station on the highway Munich-Nürnberg when he met his auntie, who actually came from Sweden to see her nephew; in September 2003 he was controlled in Hof and Jena on the journey to respectively from the actiondays against the Ausreisezentrum in Fürth where the social exclusion of refugees was one of the main topics.
He was fined the total amount of 476 Euro or 90 days imprisonment for the 4 charges which he refused to pay. Three of these cases that are pending in Gotha court will be combined together for the first hearing.

Why he fights against this law is no question for Ahmed Sameer:

“When I sought asylum here in Germany, I never expected to be subjected to conditions similar to what I fled from in Palestine.

The residence law does not only dehumanise and criminalise me but goes at great length in preventing me from informing interested public, the current situation in the occupied Territories of West Bank and Gaza Strip.

My fight against this law must simply be understood as a fight of solidarity and to express my conviction for human dignity. I will not compromise my natural and constitutional right to freedom of movement, association and expression. I will use every peaceful means possible to express my convictions against the Residenzpflicht and for the abolition in Germany. Even, if the consequence of my protest against this law is to stay in prison, I am not prepared to accept any fine from the criminalisation and repression of refugees.”

Since 1982, Germany is the only country in Europe were refugees are criminalized by the law of the residence obligation (“Residenzpflicht”). This law shows that refugees in Germany are meant to be socially isolated, not only being kept in far away camps in the middle of forests, also the restriction of movement by the “Residenzpflicht-law” excludes refugees from the mainstream societies not allowing them to mix with the general populace, fellow refugees and migrants who may be living in other cities.

The residence obligation law keeps refugees from seeing their doctors, their lawywers, their friends and relatives and for some of them worst of all from continuing their activities which made them flee their country.

Thus the residence obligation pass-law ( “Residenzpflichtgesetz”) for refugees violates article 13 of the Universal Human Rights Declaration (Freedom of Movement) as well as article 1 of the German constitution and article 2 paragraph 1 that guarantee the right to human dignity and the right to development of the human personality respectively. Also the right to assembly is highly restricted with this law.

Ahmed Sameer protest is not the first refugee who is not willing to accept those restrictions of rights. Other cases against refugees that do not accept the restriction of their freedom to move like Janak Pathak in Lübbecke district (North Rhein Westfalia), Sunny Omwenyeke in Bremen, Cornelius Yufanyi in Göttingen and Akubuo Chukwudi in Parchim (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) have already created awareness in public and press.

Some representatives of self-organised groups like The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena, “The Caravan for the rights of Refugees and migrants” and the Anti-Lager-Network will be observing the trial with Ahmed Sameer and the defence lawyer Ulrich v. Klinggräff from Berlin.

Jena, 17.06.04

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